Monday, August 18, 2014

Toronto Draperies are Great for Enhancing The Look of Windows

Toronto Draperies
Among the most important architectural detailing of a room includes windows, however, most people cannot come up with great drapery ideas for enhancing the detailing styles. Most rooms usually do not have the perfect window placement, size or detailing. Using your curtains or drapes cleverly can overcome such shortfalls in the windows quite effectively. Have a look at a few drapery ideas which help you get your windows transformed completely.

Short Windows:
Do you have wish to get floor to ceiling windows at your drawing room to give the place a vintage look? Your short, stubby windows can look quite larger provided you hang tall curtains over them. Longer drapes elongate the height of the windows. 

Just install the rod quite higher above the top line of the window that it appears like the window almost touches the ceiling. In case you use a valance, fit it in a way that the bottom of your valance ends right at the top of your window. This makes the window appear going up to the peak of the valance. If you are living in Toronto, it should not be a big problem for you to get some really elegant looking Toronto draperies in the nearby drapes stores.

There is another idea to elongate the appearance of your windows longer by using draperies that go down to the floor and cover the windows completely with sheers. This offers the windows a very long, floor to ceiling appearance. 

Elegant Windows:
In certain cases, the decor of a particular room does not match the architecture of it. If you have a mid century style ranch and yet you want a very elegant design for the living room, it does not seem to be a wise idea. The extra long drapery ideas suit almost any room to impart an elegant look. You can use extra long curtains that keep puddling on the floor. You can also use elegant materials like silk, velvet for making the drapes and using a sheer inset.

Sleeker Modern Windows:
Get a modern look, simply by using Toronto draperies or curtains with large grommets is a nice draping treatment. You can experiment with certain solid colors giving floral or prints a break. Modern styling is all about very elegant and clean lines or using sheers, having wooden blinds in place of drapes etc.

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