Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Toronto's Custom Curtains & Roman Shades

Classic silk panels with a beautiful trim will brighten and soften up any room.

Matching Soft Roman Blind beautifies the window without taking up all the space a curtain panel will. 

Proud when clients are happy with our professional work! 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Knowing Your Choices in Earnest with Toronto Draperies

If you have purchased or rented and new home or remodeled the old one, then it is quite obvious that, you are in the process of decorating the place accordingly. There are various aspects of decoration and that may confuse you. In order to deal with that, you can easily go for an interior decorator, but if that is not the choice at the moment, then proper involvement, patience and imagination will be required the most. It is because; these things will be able to help you to find the perfect decoration plan for the home.

Decorating Your Home with Toronto Drapes

It may seem a bit unusual, because most people are habituated to have and see different kinds of drapes in their homes, but it is also true that, for loads of people, drapes do not seem to be important enough. If you are also of the same mindset, then it is time to do something about it. The initial step will be, understanding the importance of drapes in the interior and decoration of a home. It is never used juts as simple decorative items. The implication is way deeper and should be treated in that way. This will bring forth the matter that, drapes do not only make the interior appear more beautiful, but add the freedom of controlling privacy.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Know the Main Types of Draperies to Chose the Best for You

Are you confused with choosing between draperies and curtains to give your room a new look?  If yes, get concentrate on draperies. Now it will depend on you how you want to beautify room. But draperies must be the perfect choice for you.

Change the Get Up of Your Home with New Toronto Drapery

Are you trying to make your home styling? Are looking for giving it a new elegant look? There are a number of decorating styles and some innovative ideas to make live and attractive. You may exhaust so come to the best concept which can turn your dream into reality. There are easy and chief ways to make your home a perfect abode. We like to have windows in our home in order to invite the gentle breeze and beautiful sunshine in.

Getting Your Custom Made Toronto Draperies is Now Quite Easy

Custom drapery, the very concept may seem to be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t tried such a thing before. Along with that, it is also to be remembered that, this is a concept which can help you to decorate your home in a much better way than before. Now, after being introduced to the concept, it will be important to gather as much information on the topic as possible. This is because of the fact that, with the help of the information, it will become really simpler to deal with the matter in a better way than before. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Making Your Home Look better with Toronto Drapery

Toronto Drapery

When you have a lovely home, it is quite obvious that, you would like to decorate it and make sure that, it always looks good. Your home is basically an extension of your personality; it also makes sure that, you love being there after a long day at work. In order to achieve such a thing, there are certain things needed to be done. For instance, the painting should be done with utmost care, the furniture should be chosen in the same way. There is another thing that you may not have decided about, but is quite important. This particular item is known as drapery. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Toronto Draperies are Great for Enhancing The Look of Windows

Toronto Draperies
Among the most important architectural detailing of a room includes windows, however, most people cannot come up with great drapery ideas for enhancing the detailing styles. Most rooms usually do not have the perfect window placement, size or detailing. Using your curtains or drapes cleverly can overcome such shortfalls in the windows quite effectively. Have a look at a few drapery ideas which help you get your windows transformed completely.

Get The Best Drapery Treatment from The Best Shop for Toronto Drapery

Toronto Drapery
Windows help loads of natural light to enter a house. A large window is a great substitute to electrical lighting during the day time. A window with beautiful decorations window can actually enhance the entire look of the house. This process is particularly effective for your requirement to sell your house or just to flaunt a marvelously spectacular view to your guests. Beautifully decorated windows can serve all these purposes pretty well.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Go for The Toronto Drapery Styles That are Ruling

Draperies are nice style elements to transform the complete look of your house. After a lot of experiments with the plantation shutters or a few styles of venetian blinds during the 90s, the 80s look of drapery is back in vogue again. Your home windows deserve some sort of sprucing up that can quite easily done with the help of draperies. Using curtains for the covering  up and decoration of the window area is a  trend popularized back in the 80s when heavy fabrics, gilded linings, fringes, silken ribbons and elaborate, lavish decorative valances. This style of window treatment has made a comeback with a bit of subtleties. Just have a look at what you have to have a look at before choosing draperies for your house. 

Choose Toronto Drapes Keeping in Mind The Home Decor

There are a number of reasons why you should be extra careful about choosing the drapes and curtains hung at the window or door areas. There are multiple purposes that such curtains actually serve. However, the fact people often ignore is the type of curtains that you have in your house can actually show your class and in what way you like your house to be decorated. There are a wide variety of different decorative elements that can often be used for decorating your house. Moreover, the arrangements of such decorative elements on top of different furnishing elements can give a completely different look to your drawing room or different other parts of the house. 

Tips to Select the Perfect Scarborough Drapes for Your Home

If you are like most of the individuals out there then you must also be the one wanting for an ideal home at all perspective. The essential reality to look after will always be the application and the performance of the home, yet re-building or re-designing also comes as primary aspects to look into. A little quantity of visual improvements is needed to decorate your home itself. A few changes can in fact modify the whole look of your home. Particularly your curtains can modify everything in your space. 

Scarborough Drapes – The Factors Referring to Your House Decor

Curtains and drapes are such embellishing factor that creates the decorations of your house to make it look wonderful. There are various kinds of drapes that are available in the marketplace and at periods it happens that you like each of them to the highest. So at such point the best option for you is go opt for customized drapes, a design that would fit your needs and specifications of your house decor.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Custom Roman Blind & Drapes

Custom Draperies Modern & Sophisticated

Happy Friday everyone, I'm excited to share with you the fabulous outcome of a recent job from a great client of ours!  She has a beautiful house which our custom draperies and roman blinds enhanced the overall look and feel of the home. 

 This banded look with ripplefold panels and matching romans creates harmony and ties the room together beautifully.

 Along with the custom roman blinds, we also templated and created this custom bench seat cushion with matching toss cushions!

Silks are a versatile and classic look but also can look modern at the same time!  These inverted pleat stripe silk drapes which are fully lined and interlined compliments the decor in both the living and dining room.

Overall, our client was happy and we are delighted to be able to help her achieve her look again with this new home.

If you need custom drapes and/or roman blinds, don't hesitate to call us for a consultation anywhere in the GTA Toronto and surrounding areas. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tips to Select the Perfect Toronto Drapes for Your Home

If you are like most of the individuals out there then you must also be the one wanting for an ideal home at all perspective. The essential reality to look after will always be the application and the performance of the home, yet re-building or re-designing also comes as primary aspects to look into. A little quantity of visual improvements is needed to decorate your home itself. A few changes can in fact modify the whole look of your home. Particularly your curtains can modify everything in your space. 

All about Draperies and Curtains

For first timers, buying custom draperies could be a tough decision to make, especially when selecting the fabric. This is because there are endless options to the fabric, pattern as well as color.

Helpful Tips With Scarborough Draperies on Curtain Hanging

Curtains make a room more beautiful and are an important source to the finished design. The addition of a well-appointed window can bring about a complete transformation of a common and boring window into a dramatic show stopper.  The present trend with Scarborough Draperies is to have floor length curtain panels that are hung on a decorative curtain rod with finials. The look preferred is simple and elegant. Without any architectural style, the addition of curtain panels will be the last layer that completes the room design.
Following rules and tips can be applied to any window treatment as well as valances:
Tip 1: Hang the Window Treatment High
To give the illusion of height, hang window treatment high. This is very important when hanging a curtain. In most cases, the pole or valance should hang on top of the window at a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 12 inches. If done otherwise, it looks inexpensive and unprofessional.
Tip 2: Create an Illusion of Height with a Shade
As a trick to make window look tall and important, you should hand the pole at a minimum of twelve inches above the frame with a bamboo or roman shade hung under the pole. The combined window treatments add to the design while letting the panels to be hung high without any large area of blank wall showing up.
Tip 3: Extend the Curtain Rod beyond the Width of the Window
Often the pole is installed with the exact width as the window. Make sure that the pole is at least three inches beyond each side of the frame while installing the curtain rod. Also the curtain panel should measure 12 inches in width when hanging in the open position.
Tip 4: Press or Steam the Curtain
Press or steam the curtain to remove folds or wrinkles before hanging the panel.
Tip 5: Leave Room underneath the Curtains to Mop
The curtain length is made half inch above the floor for free hanging and the clearance allows for mopping and cleaning while giving an illusion of the curtain touching the floor.
Tip 6: Use creative Hem Finish To Adjust the Curtain Length
One popular hem finish used with Scarborough Draperies for lined curtains and silk curtains is the trouser kick. Here the lower end of the curtain is about 3 inches longer than flush and breaks forward like trousers do. Another finish is the puddle finish where the curtain itself is made 9 to 12 inches longer than flush and the excess fabric is sewn tucked in and puffed on the floor.
Tip 7: Make Use Of a Tension Rod
At walls that do not allow holes to be made, you can use tension rod or shower curtain tension rod. This type of rod mounts inside the window and has inner springs that expand from side to side under tension.
Tip 8: Add a Width of Fabric to Short Curtains
If the curtain panel is short, you can add a width of fabric at the bottom. The color of the fabric could be solid or a pattern that matches with the curtain fabric. The texture of the fabric could be velvet or suede that adds to the interest.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Scarborough Drapes – Aspects to Consider before Installation

Scarborough Drapes
Drapes and curtains are one of the major aspects in many rooms, and you must always ensure that the appropriate one are bought. This is essential because selecting the correct style, length, the material and type is really a difficult job. Though if you have the confidence of choosing wisely then your selection will become the best to enhance your room. 

Scarborough Drapes – The Contemporary Look of Your House

Scarborough Drapes
The interior designs and its various aspects have evolved in the recent past. This has included certain revolutionary changes in the designs of drapes and curtains as the core of home decoration. There are various kinds of curtains available in the market, and in fact the options seem infinite, ultimately making the buyers move in a dilemma of how to choose the perfect one for their homes.

What to Consider at the Time of Buying Drapes

Scarborough Drapes
Are you interested in finding a quick, easy, effective and inexpensive way to give the interior an elegant and stylish look? Whether it is a house or an office, drapes can upgrade the look of your house and give it a significant facelift. 

Why Perfect Drapery Choice is Important Today

Scarborough Draperies
Decorating home shows your personality, interests and taste. Nothing gets more importance than window treatment. For giving your taste more importance, you need to take absolute window treatments. To do so, draperies, curtains and blinds are the most important things to find out.

What to Consider At the Time Choosing Drapery

Scarborough Drapery

Most of we are aware about drapery. Drapery is a very common word which refers to the pieces of textiles or cloths used for home decoration purposes. We use around our windows. After the introduction of venetian blinds and shutters of the 90s, we have it in a different styles and trends.
Using a drapery for your window makes your room looking good and attractive. Now we get to see many heavy and beautiful fabrics woven with fringes and fabrics. They elaborate, beautify and lavishly decorate valances. Now this kind of window treatment has become highly popular. 

How to Choose Custom Drapes

Getting custom drapes facilities homeowners to choose the perfect styles, designs, and colors according to their choice. Right choice of fabric for windows and doors can ensure the elegant look of a home. Readymade drapes or commonly available drapes can give you cost-effective solution according to your budget. Custom drapes are perfect for giving you target oriented solution with much more flexible ways. As you can get it done by according to your needs, styles and design tastes, it helps you in very good interior decoration. If you have already decided to get custom drapes, you can give your home a custom look. They are highly beneficial for giving best solutions for your business centers and homes.

Need Careful Measurements
 At first you should take decision on how much fabric you need. You must have a clear cut idea, regarding the requirements for your custom drapes. To do it carefully you just need to measure your windows and doors very sincerely. Very significantly, you just need to allow the hanging of your curtains carefully. Most professionals allow minimum 6 inches for the hem or the top 6 inches for casing. Toronto Drapes are available to be fit with any custom need.

Consider Pattern Repeats
 This is the second steps. Here you need to think about your custom drapes. It will be spared more than one width of material. Here you need to think about the middle seam. Once it is done, just think of how it will look like with its patterned fabric. For the lion share part, you will want a faultless connection where colors and patterns exactly match. It implies that you will require for knowing the repeat on your fabric.  Toronto Drapes are available in various patterns.

Fabric Choices
 There are various types of fabrics are available in the market. They offer various types of benefits. Some of them are washable, some of them are durable, and some are only colorful for an excellent choice for family. If it is necessary you can make a choice of a more delicate or luxurious fabrics for your rooms. Before buying them, just read the instructions about the washing.  Follow and maintain instructions carefully for your fabric and ensure something which fits with your design interior of the room.

 If you find the quality of the fabrics are not well, then never choose it anyway. Not only are style and design are important but Quality also matters very much.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Drapes of Scarborough – The Ultimate Solution for Your Home

Scarborough Drapes

If you are like most of the people out there then you must also be the one craving for a perfect home at all points of view. The crucial fact to look after will always be the utility and the functionality of the house, yet re-building or re-designing also comes as prime factors to look into. A little amount of aesthetic adjustments are required to beautify your home itself. A few changes can alter the entire look of your home. Particularly your drapes can change everything in your room. However choosing the correct one is the challenging task.

In fact fabric drapes are the one that can make a statement to your room; they add an accent to your windows and thereby drawing the attention of the eye. At times you might find that the drapes you have installed are too heavy, or the pattern of the same is completely outdated, then the time has come for you to change them and detract from your room. With the availability of the custom-made drapery, you can now get the perfect look, for which you have been looking for all these times.

Choices!! Choices!! Choices!! The custom-made Scarborough drapes are available in numerous fabrics and patterns to choose from, and you will be truly acquainted with endless choice. It can be quite overwhelming, that the beauty of these drapes is so much that they will be able to compliment your house. Among this wide range of patterns and designs you are sure to find something that will suit your exact taste thus fitting the style of the room.

Not all the windows are of the standard size; they come in all various shapes and sizes. When you will be getting the custom-made drapes for your specific windows, measured and fitted, it is always important that you must first look into your want and needs from it. Certain point to keep in mind while choosing your drapes are the following:

  1. Coordinating the Extra:
    The custom-made Scarborough drapes allow you to create coordinating cushions, or even the chair covers, thus accessorizing your room with the same material.
  2. Outside Look:
    When you are installing the custom-made drapery throughout your home, you must always ensure that the back lining is similar on all drapes, thus creating a constant look from the outside your home.
  3. Added Touch:
    Beginning from pleats to even fringes, trims and the ties, anything can be added to attain the exact look and style you want for your home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beauty and Elegance are Combined together in Scarborough Draperies

Scarborough Draperies

Drapery, the very term gives off a sense of elegance and beauty in a home or such set up. So, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the variants to make sure that, you can choose well for your home or office. It is also to be remembered that, drapery does not only make things like sofa or chair or ottoman or windows and doors look better, but it has significant involvement in protecting these things, their designs from dust and dirt. Needless to mention, that, such a thing indeed is one of the best things for your home.

Each and every home needs to look beautiful and welcoming to the owner and its visitors. There should also be enough amount of warmth emanating from the set up. It is not easy to accomplish all those things without much labor, but draperies are indeed a start. Right choice of color, design, material, length and type can actually boost up the idea of warmth, elegance, beauty and love. So, it is important to have enough idea and information on this particular matter. Though it is normally thought that, women are best suited for choosing these items, men can have their fair share as well.

Whatever the reason be, it is crucial to have the information, because with helpful information, it will become really easy to choose the right kind of drapery for home. While gathering the information, it will become really simple to know if you need the help of a professional or not and if it is a specific someone, then whether the help is worthwhile or not. This is when, Scarborough Draperies will come into the picture and it will be able to help quite a lot as well. You need to take them into account.

Finally, it can be said that, when it comes to decorating your home, one needs to spend some money. It may seem too much to spend a lot of money, but that is not right. It is indeed a statement to use the best of the best materials if your budget allows. On the other hand, if the budget is not much, then also it is possible to have elegant and beautiful draperies to adorn your home without going overboard. The Scarborough Draperies being a family owned business understands these requirements and are designed to provide likewise. They can truly change your home into something much more beautiful and warm than you thought possible.