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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All about Draperies and Curtains

For first timers, buying custom draperies could be a tough decision to make, especially when selecting the fabric. This is because there are endless options to the fabric, pattern as well as color.

Helpful Tips With Scarborough Draperies on Curtain Hanging

Curtains make a room more beautiful and are an important source to the finished design. The addition of a well-appointed window can bring about a complete transformation of a common and boring window into a dramatic show stopper.  The present trend with Scarborough Draperies is to have floor length curtain panels that are hung on a decorative curtain rod with finials. The look preferred is simple and elegant. Without any architectural style, the addition of curtain panels will be the last layer that completes the room design.
Following rules and tips can be applied to any window treatment as well as valances:
Tip 1: Hang the Window Treatment High
To give the illusion of height, hang window treatment high. This is very important when hanging a curtain. In most cases, the pole or valance should hang on top of the window at a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 12 inches. If done otherwise, it looks inexpensive and unprofessional.
Tip 2: Create an Illusion of Height with a Shade
As a trick to make window look tall and important, you should hand the pole at a minimum of twelve inches above the frame with a bamboo or roman shade hung under the pole. The combined window treatments add to the design while letting the panels to be hung high without any large area of blank wall showing up.
Tip 3: Extend the Curtain Rod beyond the Width of the Window
Often the pole is installed with the exact width as the window. Make sure that the pole is at least three inches beyond each side of the frame while installing the curtain rod. Also the curtain panel should measure 12 inches in width when hanging in the open position.
Tip 4: Press or Steam the Curtain
Press or steam the curtain to remove folds or wrinkles before hanging the panel.
Tip 5: Leave Room underneath the Curtains to Mop
The curtain length is made half inch above the floor for free hanging and the clearance allows for mopping and cleaning while giving an illusion of the curtain touching the floor.
Tip 6: Use creative Hem Finish To Adjust the Curtain Length
One popular hem finish used with Scarborough Draperies for lined curtains and silk curtains is the trouser kick. Here the lower end of the curtain is about 3 inches longer than flush and breaks forward like trousers do. Another finish is the puddle finish where the curtain itself is made 9 to 12 inches longer than flush and the excess fabric is sewn tucked in and puffed on the floor.
Tip 7: Make Use Of a Tension Rod
At walls that do not allow holes to be made, you can use tension rod or shower curtain tension rod. This type of rod mounts inside the window and has inner springs that expand from side to side under tension.
Tip 8: Add a Width of Fabric to Short Curtains
If the curtain panel is short, you can add a width of fabric at the bottom. The color of the fabric could be solid or a pattern that matches with the curtain fabric. The texture of the fabric could be velvet or suede that adds to the interest.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Why Perfect Drapery Choice is Important Today

Scarborough Draperies
Decorating home shows your personality, interests and taste. Nothing gets more importance than window treatment. For giving your taste more importance, you need to take absolute window treatments. To do so, draperies, curtains and blinds are the most important things to find out.