Friday, May 30, 2014

Custom Drapes from Scarborough Drapery: Follow The Rules for The Most Elegant Look

Scarborough Drapery
Having custom drapes at your house can become an issue of prestige when you want your friends to spend hours simply looking at the drapes hung in your drawing room. Everybody has drapes and curtains in their house. So, if you are eager to make your house stand out among the rest, there is an immediate need for you to have a keen aesthetic sense that works in favor of you. Custom drapes or curtains are great to attract a number of eyeballs at the same time. However, it is not quite easy to get custom made curtains and gather appreciation from your guests. There are a few steps to perfection that leads you to the right direction of getting the best thing at your house. Just have a look at them to know what works in favor of the complete looks and feel of your house.
  • Measurement: Before stitching the drapes, it is very important to take the proper measurements of all the doors and windows where you want the curtains to hang. If not taken the proper measurements chances are high that the curtains and drapes that you are planning to get stitched do not look good as their shape cannot look nice. Be it smaller or larger than the exact size, a de-shaped  curtain never looks nice. 
  • Patterns: No matter what pattern or design you want for your curtains, you need to visualize how well they can go with the color, texture on the wall, design of the window sill, size of the door, etc. Otherwise, the complete effort of the drapery experts simply go down the drain as the end result does not look good. If you have made your mind of going for a particular style, try not to change it quite often. Or else it will be more than a headache for the curtain stitching company to do your job.
  • Decide Fabrics: You can assign Scarborough Drapery with the task of selecting the best fabric for the drapes in your house. If it seems that there are too many people in your house who are ready to offer their suggestions on this, just have a discussion at home and decide which color and material of the curtain fabric suits your requirement the most. Then buy the material and ask the company to stitch the curtains for you.

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