Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some Important Tips to Select Custom Drapes

Having elegant looking and custom drapes allows homeowners to choose the perfect colour, style, and fabric for window coverings in their dream home. Scarborough Drapes can be a cost-effective and perfect solution for them. They are available on a decorating budget. Custom drapes become more flexible when you exactly meet the designs and tastes. If you have decided to get exact custom drapes for your dream home, consider these tips before you purchase. To get custom curtains exactly of your needs, you must consider a number of things mentioned below.

Take Careful Measurements
This is one of the most important steps for deciding how much fabric you need to use for custom drapes. At first you should measure your windows one by one carefully. Here you can decide the length of your curtain depending on hanging the curtains. You can be sure about whether you want to let it hang along the bottom or less than that. Most professionals and interior designers recommend letting curtains hang at least 6 inches for the top and 6 inches for the hem.

Most professionals recommend allowing at least 6 inches for the top casing and another 6 inches for the hem. This number can be adjusted after, but it is best to leave yourself lots of room for casings and hems. Scarboroughdrapes offer custom service, according to the needs of the customers. 

Consider Pattern Repeats
In the next step you should consider the pattern. For your custom drapes, you will be broader than one width of material. Side by side you should ensure the patterns matches for your room and the purpose of using. The repeat is generally measured as the number of inches.

Fabric Choices
In this step you should be sure about the fabric choices. You should remember here that different fabrics offer different advantages. Durable, affordable and washable fabrics are an outstanding choice for home owners. You should choose an acute fabric for formal rooms. You must follow the washing instructions for your fabric and do the same thing step by step. Choose a perfect on that fits with your design and the function of the room. Scarboroughdrapes ensure good quality fabric. Scarborough providers will allow you to get some changes for better adjustments even after your order placement.

Get from Professionals
In this step you must find out a professional who is an expert in custom curtains. They can beautify you room and give you a professional look.

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